Doctor came to train in La Paz, was picked up by police; beaten and imprisoned


The public complaint against police officers in Baja California Sur caused various reactions between tourists and citizens

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The afternoon of this Thursday, November 7, a complaint against police officers from Baja California Sur was published on social networks, for making arbitrary detention and beating a doctor, who arrived for training in La Paz; a fact that transcended in the foreign community. 

The affected “whose name is reserved for fear of reprisals” described that when leaving his job training, at the La Perla hotel, he went to a cohabitation 2 blocks away from where he was staying. 

“At about 10 p.m. I would say to my hotel on the 5th of February street, when I saw a state patrol in front of Waldos with the number 00573 or 00753 […] the policemen had 2 young men under review, they told me that I stopped for a routine check, ”he said. 

When questioning the reason why the review was requested, the doctor was hit in the pit of the stomach, by the part behind the ribs, to be handcuffed and put into the official vehicle. 

“There were 3 elements, one tall with a white complexion and 2 hooded ones,” he added when he pointed out that he was pressed against the ground and was taken to a vacant lot where he was beaten in various parts of the body.  

I commented that what was happening was against my rights and they told me that nobody was going to believe me, that I was not even here, they also referred to my physical appearance and mentioned it as a cause of my detention, said the affected. 

“They told me that I could go, but when they asked to take my handcuffs away, they beat me again and put me in the truck […] they were circling the city for a while; they took me to a command where they said they were going to accuse me of attempted kidnapping, there the judge said I was not competing, so they got me back into the truck just like the ground hitting me, ”he said. 

It was not until 3 in the morning that he arrived at the police station, at which point he still did not know the reason for his arrest or the place where he was: “they kept me there all morning without telling me that they accused me and without the right to a call ”. 

After several hours, around 7:00 in the morning, the Urban Judge arrived at the site and it was until then that he was given access to his call, proceeding to connect with a close relative. 

In all this time, refers the sentimental couple and the victim, they were answering and reading messages on the detainee’s cell phone, trying to hide his disappearance throughout the night. 

“He was informed (by his partner) that I was in Los Olivos on M10, he contacted a relative of his who came to pay bail […] the judge behaved arrogantly until he was told that we were doctors in the community from El Pescadero, ”he said. 

The charges were given for “shouting in the street” asking for the amount of 300 pesos, when they released him there were no explanations, no documents, no apologies, they refused to give the names of the public servants involved, she added. 

The aforementioned, transcended in the foreign community of Baja California Sur, as well as social network users who showed their disagreement with the facts, asking the authorities for more attention on the issue since it is something that happens “normally” in the streets from La Paz

“Here is no man’s land”, “What a terrifying experience, I hate to think that we are helpless”, “It is a warning for people traveling to La Paz”, are some of the comments from foreigners, who also highlighted the amount of garbage that exists in the bay.

Source: bcsnoticias

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