Are you ready for the “Race to Hell” in Concordia Sinaloa


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Jorge Quiñonez Soto, president of the Road Race Cain, Mexico Your Experience of Life, reports that this event is a motorcycle racing race from Palmito, Concordia, to the city and municipality Concordia, 74 kilometers and with 538 curves with participation of national and international pilots. The sports fair will be from November 15 to 17 of this year and is the “Hell Race”.

Accompanied by José Gámez, commercial manager of Pueblo Bonito-Emerald Bay – both interviewed in the halls of the Municipal Palace of Mazatlan -, Quiñonez Soto added that some foreigners come from places near England, others from Spain, Colombia and Argentina. Last year the Argentine David Paredes won and broke a record and the motorcycle champion is here in Mazatlan.

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The president of this race indicated that this race is the fourth edition and it is already heard to speak in various parts of the world, especially in Europe and South America and there are people interested in the United States of America, Germany, Brazil, and Uruguay. From Mexico, pilots come from several states of the Republic, from Yucatán through Tabasco; also from Tijuana, Baja California and Nuevo León.

Quiñonez Soto said they expect a participation of about 80 to 100 professional pilots and some amateurs and a presence of spectators close to ten thousand.

At the time, Pepe Gámez said that this is a race from November 15 to 17 and that there will be some motorcycle clinics by the best riders in the world. It is a “passion race, for men and with a strong adrenaline rush and the race is in Concordia because it is the most impressive stage in the world for its 74 kilometers and its more than 500 curves”.

He added that this race has left great benefits and in the four editions will leave 500 nights for Concordia and Mazatlan more than 5,300 nights with economic spills of 5 million pesos and 20 million pesos, respectively for these municipalities. In the mountainous part, the inhabitants go out to the race to sell their food, like cheeses and gorditas.

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