Mazatlan inauguration of the assistance house ‘Eternal Heart’


Because the greatest legacy left by grandparents is their unconditional love and teachings is that the House of Eternal Heart Assistance is born, of the Municipal DIF system, which was inaugurated on Monday afternoon in the Independence neighborhood.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, accompanied by his wife Gabriela Peña Chico and Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz, presidents of the municipal and state DIF respectively, were the main characters responsible for cutting the bar and touring the site with the rest of the special guests, who Somehow they contributed to rehabilitating the old building, which a few years ago was a funeral home.

It was reported that the total investment to realize the dream of this assistance house was 2.5 million pesos of which 1.5 million pesos were put by the City Council. The place will have space for 30 adults in a condition of abandonment.

Gabriela Peña Chico, president of the Municipal DIF reported that the place will be under the coordination of Verenice Peraza, a journalist by profession who has based much of her professional career attending to cases of poor people, abandoned or abused both physically and psychologically and that before taking the reins, he collaborated in the DIF as part of the Social Communication team. This experience makes the communicator the ideal person to be in front of the house assistance.

With Verenice Peraza there will be a team of 25 people, including nurses, psychologists, social workers and other specialists who will do their best to try to give a dignified life to the elderly who will inhabit the place.

Peña Chico added that in addition to this great achievement he has in mind two more projects which are an exclusive shelter for women in which he can be protected along with his children in case of being a victim of harassment or aggression. As well as a house the attention of adolescents with behavior problems.

Finally, the president of the Municipal DIF said that legal mechanisms are sought so that older adults staying in the Eternal Heart assistance home are not thrown out when the city changes administration.

Source: pmxportal

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