NOTICE: Teen Driver’s licenses will be reevaluated in Sinaloa


Some parents offer 500 pesos so that their children do not receive the practical test, the Secretary of Government Innovation questioned

Resultado de imagen para examenes de conducir corrupción

Sinaloa.- As in other countries of the world, in Sinaloa a second evaluation will be made to young people who have a driver’s license and who are repeat offenders in traffic accidents, either to keep them or withdraw them for a while, José de Jesús Gálvez Cázarez announced.

He said that the indication given by the governor of the State, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, is to re-qualify them and make examinations of everything that is necessary, including toxicological if so, as do other countries with permanent revaluations of drivers.

The Secretary of Government Innovation said that the honesty of the parents is very important here when processing a license since the lives of their children and third parties are involved when driving the vehicle.

The state official admitted that they are making great progress in the delivery of driver’s licenses for the first time, however, there are still officials who can eventually participate in an act of corruption, although the practical exams are transmitted in real-time on Facebook.

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