Mexican tourists continue to choose Mazatlan as a tourist destination


“The people are very friendly, the weather is very nice,” said a Guanajuato visitor

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- The port of Mazatlan remains within the favorite destinations of national tourism, both in prices, service and tourism products.

During this Day of the Dead weekend, tourists kept coming to Mazatlan.

Informative Reaction toured some tourist points of the port.

03 11 tourists

Rosalinda Ornelas, a tourist from Guadalajara, said Mazatlan is still ahead, although some restaurants have slightly increased the cost of some dishes, especially in seafood restaurants.

“The people are very friendly, yesterday we went to a restaurant and we did notice some expensive dishes, between 160, but the supplies have also gone up and it is reasonable because they also have to pay their employees,” he said.

Another visitor from Guanajuato mentioned that the costs have been lower, compared to the last time he visited Mazatlan.

“I arrive with a relative, but I have not noticed the very high prices. I came at the beginning of June and to date both the resources and food remain the same. The tourist from Guanajuatense said she enjoys the stay here, one because she has relatives and the other the people are very helpful, “he said.

Source: reaccion informativa

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