Authorities guarantee security for tourist in Navolato Sinaloa


There are conditions for families to enjoy the beaches

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El Tambor

Navolato, Sinaloa .- The Navolato municipal president, Eliazar Gutiérrez Angulo, informed that there are safety conditions to receive all visitors to the different beaches of the municipality, mainly El Tambor and Altata, so they can enjoy and live together as a family during your walk.

The mayor said that there have been isolated criminal acts, but it must be acknowledged that there has been an important advance in the issue of security because currently there is no problem of the dispossession of vehicles and assaults.

28 09 Altata

He commented that this result is due to the strategies in the preventive work carried out by the Municipal Public Security Directorate, and the work coordinated with the National Guard elements that came to install their base to reinforce the security tasks in the municipality.

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El Tambor Sand Dunes

“The best rating on safety is the same people who visit us to the beaches, because they realize the reality that is lived in Navolato, because they can come and go without problems, and during their stay in the El Tambor, Altata, and anywhere else, you can be relaxed and calm, enjoying your family outing, ”commented the munícipe.

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He noted that these strategies have allowed Altata not to suffer low seasons.

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