3,000 Africans prepare to make their way to Tijuana


Wilner Metelus said many of the migrants are infected with AIDS and syphilis

Tijuana.-More than three thousand Africans stranded in Tapachula, seek to reach Tijuana to continue their political asylum process, said the president of the Citizens Committee in Defense of Naturalized and Afro-Mexicans, Wilner Metelus.

The activist said that through an assembly, migrants decided to take the road to the northern border, and continue with the asylum process.

However, he considered that this represents a security risk, since they may be deported on their way to northern Mexico.

In addition to the risks of being repatriated, he indicated that many of the migrants are infected with AIDS and syphilis, which would cause them to be rejected by a sector of society.

Source: lavozdelafrontera.com.mx

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