SECTUR trains municipal and tourist Police of Ahome Sinaloa


The Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros takes training to Choix _

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. To strengthen the good service and treatment of tourists, the Ministry of Tourism gave the training course: “Tourist Culture and Tourism Promotion” to fifty agents of the Tourist Police and Municipal.

The Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros said that, following the instructions of the Governor of the State Quirino Ordaz Coppel, of providing greater learning to those who in one way or another offer a service to tourism, they are carried out throughout the entity This type of courses that give tourists the face, so that they offer better assistance and that when the visitor returns to their place of origin they do it happy and in the process become a promoter that here they are treated to the best .

Pérez Barros added, the understanding of the importance of tourism is sought based on good treatment and warmth with the development of techniques to understand and help them when the cases so require, making them feel more secure and confident when they are taken care of and, above all, they will receive the best attention.

The importance of knowing the culture and the tourist heritage is another fundamental part since in this way when the agent is asked what is to be done, where to eat, what to visit, they know immediately what to answer and consequently, the tourist is left grateful, said Pérez Barros.

“You see the interest and enthusiasm they have in the tourism issue when taking these courses, and thus understand the importance that this has, that the issue of security is related to the tourist because they feel safe, with more reason they recommend you,” he said.

In the exchange of opinions that he had with the trained, after thanking the program, Agent Luis said that it is important to know more because the attention to tourists is an economic generator, so you have to treat them well and give them good hospitality.

In turn, the tourist police Juan Leyva warned that tourists who arrive at the beaches of the Maviri have shown their contentment for the good treatment they are given, and their people from many countries arrive who are offered information on how much that must be done and they are pleased by the way the service is offered to them and it is confirmed
that Los Mochis is a quiet place.

Later he made a work tour in the municipality of Choix Pueblo Señorial, to talk about the importance of tourism and what the training for the sector worker represents, also meeting with more than 50 students of the UAIS.

During his stay, he toured the community, greeted tourism service providers in his social tourism program.

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