El Guamuchilito, Novolato, Sinaloa fumigated after recent floods to prevent mosquitos


Fumigate and clean areas affected by floods

The Edil de Navolato serves areas at risk of mosquito proliferation and other factors that affect the health and hygiene of El Guamuchilito in flood zones

Families from the town of El Guamuchilito were treated with fumigation work by personnel of the Health Coordination of the Navolato City Council. The municipal president Eliazar Gutiérrez attended as part of the follow-up to those affected by the floods caused by the overflow of the Cedritos drain.

The brigade was carried out to prevent and combat the mosquito that, after moisture in the area, proliferates and thus be able to avoid cases of Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya.

The municipal leader said that this type of work is part of the permanent prevention campaign against Aedes Aegypti, which is within this municipality and aims to keep Navolato free of diseases.

During the campaign, visits were made to homes in the El Guamuchilito ejido to distribute leaflets and give attention to understand the insect’s behavior and life cycle, as well as the application of a homemade formula to produce a non-toxic product. During the consultancy, the inhabitants were shared that these products, in addition to being simple to produce, are effective and combat the mosquito development stages (Egg, larva, pupa, and adult).

To conclude with the campaign, the Navolatense Civil Protection Unit delivered cleaning kits for homes, while the City Council, in coordination with COEPRISS, was located in the areas of greatest humidity to continue blocking the proliferation of bacteria that could affect the community.

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