Sinaloa will continue discount for processing Wills until December


The director of the DIF system invited the Sinaloan residents to carry out this procedure at a thousand pesos, and not only save half of the original price, but also the min 15 thousand that are generated in a probate trial.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Compared to other years, the month of the wills, will not be only one month, since the benefit of performing this procedure for one thousand pesos (50 percent less than the current cost), will be extended until December, so informed Roberto Rodríguez Lizárraga, director of the DIF system in Mazatlan.

Since this instance, Dif is in charge of producing a request letter for the notary in order to apply the discount, for those people who want to fix their patrimonial situation, and not only in Mazatlan but in any part of the state of Sinaloa.

“We invite the whole society that has a property or personal assets and does not want to leave problems, remember that death has no word, comes at any time and that what we should avoid most are problems, or leave problems to our loved ones.”

Rodríguez Lizárraga explained that a probate trial ( which will be required in case of no written will) costs around min 15 thousand pesos, in addition to the time that is generated to provide a solution, plus the family problems that may be created.

The official informed that anyone interested in taking advantage of the Will program should approach the offices of the DIF in their region and with identification in hand so that the instance issues a letter to deliver it to the notary that the beneficiaries decide, and if they do not have one, the system can be assigned.

Source: linea directa

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