Chinampas “artificially created islands” of Xochimilco are saved by Mexican chefs


If there is something that captivates us as Mexicans, it is the union and support we give each other. For this reason, five chefs recognized throughout Mexico and the world join forces to save the chinampas of Xochimilco.

chinampas of xochimilco

Among these five Mexican chefs is Enrique Olvera, from Pujol, Elena Reygadas de Rosetta, Eduardo García, from Máximo Bistrot, Gabriela Cámara, from Contramar and Jorge Vallejo, from Quintonil.

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For the chinampas of Xochimilco

These talented chefs held a joint dinner at the Ex Convent of San Hipólito in Mexico City.

The dinner known as ‘Dinner for the Chinampas’ achieved a collection of 600 thousand pesos. Which will be destined for the construction of a peasant school.

This initiative is thanks to the Civil Association Agroecological Initiative Xochimilco (IAX). The association seeks to contribute to the recovery and cleaning of the soil and water of Xochimilco. As well as training farmers in better production practices and favor fair trade.

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For a good cause

The planning of the ‘Dinner for the chinampas’ was carried out for the third consecutive year. It was attended by the five Mexican chefs, pioneers of the initiative and customers of the production of vegetables from Xochimilco.

And you will surely ask yourself, why is it so important to save the chinampas of Xochimilco? Well, according to IAX information, 30% of the water used in Mexico City comes from the Xochimilco aquifer.

In addition to this, two degrees of the temperature of the CDMX are regulated thanks to the actions carried out by the chinampas. Recall that only 59% of them, that is 1,319 hectares, are completely abandoned.

Resultado de imagen para Chinampas de Xochimilco aztecas

Another reason is to avoid damage to ecosystems and prevent the growth of the urban stain found in the city.


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