Paseo del Angel resurfaces in Culiacan Sinaloa


Citizens and tourists, decide to consume and walk in the area, directly benefiting restaurant owners and parking owners

Culiacán, Sin.- A few days after the first stage of the arborization and beautification project of Paseo del Ángel was completed, the influx of diners has increased between 20 and 30 percent, reported the board member, José Valenzuela García.

He explained that it is increasingly noticeable that people are taking over the street, as planned when the project began, which has paid to increase the economic benefit in the area.

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The influx has increased considerably, the number of people, many people are coming again, we live at parties, on September 14-15, many people turned to the angel walk and, well, that encourages us to continue working. 

Valenzuelaa García

Without determining the number of people visiting the angel walk during the weekends, Valenzuela García, stressed that it has been visible that citizens and tourists decide to consume and walk in the area, directly benefiting restaurant owners and parking owners.

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Among the achievements that have been obtained, he highlighted the inauguration of a tower of 25 offices on Ramón Corona Street, the construction of one more with 52 stores and the next opening of an office for 100 people.

Works that have been generated because employers are motivating to invest in surrounding areas, seeing that the sector continues to develop favorably, especially in increasing economic spillover.

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The member of the board of trustees, urged businessmen to join so that with greater strength they build an area with an environment with better conditions around business, in order to be more attractive for citizens and tourists of Culiacán.

As part of the project, they will ask the councilors and the mayor, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, that Angel Flores Street between Aquiles Serdán and Ruperto L. Paliza, be pedestrian at night, in a first stage on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

However, in case of detecting that the influx of diners increases during the rest of the week, they will proceed in coordination with the residents of the area that the street is closed at night every day, this being an initiative between businessmen and citizens .

Valenzuela García, stressed that the actions that have been implemented and those that are planned to be carried out, are done with the objective of rescuing the commercial and tourist activity of Paseo del Ángel.

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So far, 100 trees have been planted with species such as yellow, almond and amapain tabachín, so that in the day the temperature drops from three to four degrees Celsius and trade does not occur only at night.

Angel Flores street, Ramón Corona alley was illuminated, 16 benches were installed in Paseo de Angel, between 16 and 20 damaged guardians were repaired and eight more were placed.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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