HughesNet to offer satellite Internet service in Mexico


It is expected that 95% coverage will be achieved throughout the national year during the first year; this service will be available only for domestic consumption

As of October 1 of this year, the HughesNet technology company plans to offer broadband Internet services via satellite and attract four million potential customers.

During the presentation of the new service in Mexico , executives of the firm said that of the nearly 300 thousand locations within the country, 135 thousand do not have any Internet access option.

Cristina Mendoza, Marketing & Public Relations Manager of the firm, said the demand is so high in the country, that there are at least 11 million households that do not have any broadband services, whether mobile or landline.

The company plans to provide availability of 95 percent of the national territory, mainly in those locations where traditional operators do not arrive.

“We do not depend on cable or fiber infrastructure, that is, we can offer our services in our areas of independent coverage to geographical conditions or population density,” Mendoza added.

At the moment, only the service for the domestic market will be available, later it is expected that the business model for small and large companies can be replicated, confirmed Marcos Duarte, director of Sales and Operations of HughesNet.

Source: notimex, razon

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