Billboards with irregularities in Mazatlan a public menace


A considerable amount of billboards have been sanctioned during the current administration

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Some billboards in Mazatlan are in danger of falling, said the Director of Urban Urban Development Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly. He said there are more than 400 sanctioned billboards because they are in irregular conditions.


The director of the agency said that most have already been regularized, however, he accepted that there are some that are very complicated to do so because of the condition in which they are.

“Some are very complicated (to be regularized), there are billboards that are in danger of falling,” he said .
He said that those responsible for the spectacular have already been notified to provide maintenance or fix them. In case they refuse or can’t do it, then we will have them removed immediately.
The 400 advertising spaces have been notified for different reasons. Some because they owe the permit, while others have been notified because they are badly located. 


The fines for not complying with the regulation amount depending on the advertisement, the size or the type of spectacular, so it is impossible to have an estimate.

Estavillo Kelly indicated that the owners of the billboards have the obligation to renew the permit every year, not only to raise city funds but because they have to verify that the structure is maintained in good condition.

“An announcement must be prepared to receive a hurricane of the strongest category that has hit here in Mazatlan, because everyone, when authorized, is asked for a structural calculation report, ” he said. 
However, the official acknowledged that there are many that are not regulated.

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Source: el debate

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