Mexico federal government authorizes SAT access to all bank accounts


Financial institutions must deliver email, telephone number or other means of personal contact of their clients, in order to be able to monitor and locate taxpayers.

The financial institutions must deliver the personal information of their clients, in order to be able to supervise and locate the taxpayers.

Banks and lending institutions have the obligation to request their account holders the email, telephone number or other means of personal contact to deliver them to the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

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The Presidency of the Republic asked the Chamber of Deputies to modify the Fiscal Code of the Federation, as part of the 2020 fiscal package, to include this measure.

This seeks to counteract taxpayers delivering false contact information to the SAT, to avoid being notified of fines and tax procedures, and to argue that they were never contacted.

When a taxpayer registers erroneous or non-existent means of contact, it is understood that he opposes the notification of promotions, requests, notices, compliance with requirements and inquiries of the SAT, he explains the proposal sent by the federal government to the bank.

Currently, the banking institutions are not obliged to deliver to the SAT the email or telephone number of the users, but only the address and the  Federal Taxpayers Registry  (RFC), among others, and this situation is intended to change.

“That the Financial Institutions and Socap (Cooperative Savings and Loan Societies) are obliged to obtain from their account holders the data related to their email, telephone number or some other means of electronic contact determined by the SAT”, indicates the exposure of Reasons for the initiative.

When registration is made with the  SAT, taxpayers provide general data, and with this new measure “identity data can be aligned with respect to registered taxpayers, through the Financial Entities and Socaps,” says the document of which it has a copy The Herald of Mexico

Among the data collected by the banks is the nationality, residence, date, and place of birth, address, and now you will have to deliver the phone and email.

“When the approved forms require such information, financial institutions and savings and loan cooperatives (Socap) must provide it”, indicates one of the paragraphs proposed by the Presidency of the Republic through the initiative that involves modifying section V of the Article 32-B of  the Federal Tax Code.


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