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Ancient Aztec remedy to whiten your teeth

According to the UNAM’s Zaragoza Faculty, using burnt tortilla as a teeth whitening methods dates back to the Aztecs!

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The Aztecs used to combine honey, which has antibacterial properties and the tortilla ashes to whiten their teeth.

This technique is efficient because the tortilla ashes are charcoal and when you rub it against your teeth, it will polish them by wearing down the first enamel layer; nevertheless, this could cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore you shouldn’t use this remedy too often

How to make the whitening tortilla paste? First, place a tortilla on the stove until it burns. One it’s burnt, grind it until it becomes powder and then rub the ashes using your toothbrush or fingers and leave the ashes on for at least 3 minutes. Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth using toothpaste.

Source: el botuiquin

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