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AMLO seeks to evade Amparo’s against the construction of Santa Lucia airport

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador seeks to evade the ‘rain’ of Amparo’s granted by federal judges against the construction of the airport in Santa Lucia, arguing that the facilities of the military base number 1 are strategic and of national interest for the country.

“The Executive decided to invoke ‘the national interest’ and decree as Strategic Installations all the spaces, buildings, constructions, equipment and other goods of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena)”, accused the collective # NoMásDerroches in a document published Monday.

This group, made up of business groups such as Coparmex, as well as non-governmental organizations and citizens, has a legal battle against the Mexican government, particularly in favor of the construction of the Texcoco airport.

In that sense, the government requested in a trial to revoke the definitive suspension of the building of Saint Lucia for considering that base as a strategic installation, in addition to the fact that the definitive suspension puts the defense, integrity, and sovereignty at risk for not allowing the deployment of military troops to attend national security.

However, the group ensures that judicial determinations against the construction of an airport in that area of ​​the valley of Mexico “does not affect national security, social interest, or public order. In any case, the construction project is not yet good and cannot be declared a Strategic Installation, ”says the document.

The publication reads that if the suspension against Saint Lucia is revoked, “the right to a healthy environment, the integrity and stability of people living in the areas surrounding St. Lucia, the life and safety of users would be seriously injured. of the airport facilities and hundreds of billions of pesos of the treasury ”.

López Obrador said at the end of August that the Amparos promoted against the construction of the airport in Santa Lucia were legally analyzed and that the national interest would be put forward.

When questioned about whether the time that the Court determined to start the construction of the work would take place, AMLO said yes, but that there was a resource that they would use.

“We are legally seeing that and we have another resource, which is to put the interest of the nation ahead. At the time we will go to the power of the State to safeguard the national interest, is the only thing I can say. But a group of vested interests cannot stop the development of the country, ”he said in his morning conference from Tabasco on August 23.

Two days earlier, the tenth district judge of the State of Mexico granted the final suspension against the Environmental Impact Authorization granted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) to the airport project that would be located at military airbase number 1 of St. Lucia.

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