8 thousand Americans may be illegal in Rosarito Baja California


The authorities indicated that in case of not regularizing their stay they will be deported from Mexico.

ROSARITO.- About 8,000 Americans are in Rosarito, but / thousand of them do not comply with their immigration status to reside legally, according to the policies of the National Institute of Migration (INM).

The head of the agency in Baja California, Manuel Alfonso Marín Salazar, said that most of them entered the region through a 180-day permit and those who exceeded that time limit will also be deported to their country. 

He commented that some Americans obtained the document to enter Mexican territory because they declared themselves tourists or business people.

The revisions
According to the INM figures, 3,222 temporary resident cards have been renewed in Baja California from January to July.

Migration checks are for all foreigners who find themselves irregularly, they are not exclusive to a specific country, they can be immigration checks in which irregular foreigners are found and an immigration administrative process is carried out ”, Explained Marín Salazar.

He also said that irregular Americans are detected at border ports and airports.

“For an American, registration is relatively easy because you do not need a visa to enter Mexico, just present your passport, you can have a registration that can go from zero to seven days to not have a charge for a non-resident right or be up to 180 days on a regular basis, ”said the head of the INM in the State.

Therefore, he stressed that Americans, like other nationalities, are subject to checks to check their immigration status and are deported through the San Ysidro gate.

On the other hand, as regards the migrants from Central America who have been returned from the United States, he said that there are 10,000 waiting in the Entity whether or not they will obtain humanitarian asylum; Some of these migrants have been returned six or seven times.

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