More potholes appear: Infrastructure maintenance in the Historic Center of Mazatlan is insufficient


The Director of Public Works reiterated that the affected streets would have to be completely replaced

Mazatlan, Sin. – The poor execution of the “beautification” of the Historic Center carried out a little over a year ago, has caused the breakage of the cobblestone, potholes, water leaks and floods, which puts on the table the imminent need to make a substitution of the streets affected, especially Benito Juárez, a road that is highly traveled by trucks; commented Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez.

The director of Municipal Public Works admitted that this year it has not been seen to make use of resources, to maintain and repair this problem that is becoming more visible and that can be aggravated, especially with the rainy season, so that it would be necessary to see the possibility of raising it for next year.

Until now we have not seen it, but we would have to enter the total replacement of the streets, with a pavement structure that is sufficient. There in that area, we would have to avoid overlapping with the State Government, which has a responsibility or that is the one that hired the construction company and probably the one that has made the design of the pavement structure. It would be necessary to wait for the situation of that street from the contractual point of view, if the government still has the possibility of claiming the builder.

He explained that the pavement structure and the ground conditions that exist in some streets of the Historic Center are insufficient due to the high level of vehicular traffic they suffer daily.

To this is added that there is a possibility that in some areas the compaction required is lacking, prior to the construction of the infrastructure, which may be the response of many of the recorded subsidence.


The streets of the Historic Center of the city were remodeled in 2018, as part of the beautification of the area carried out by the State Government, prior to the Tourist Tianguis carried out in the port.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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