“Lorena” disappears and ceases to be a risk for Mexico


The SMN issued the latest statement having dissipated on land west of Sonora

Mexico.- After five days of keeping the western region of the country in the distress, later to the northwest, “Lorena” ceased to be a significant phenomenon when dissipating over land in Sonora.

Shortly after 9:00 in the morning the system ceased to exist in western Sonora and with it ended the risk of one of the most unstable storms of recent times for Mexico.

Recall that “Lorena” rose and fell in intensity being twice a hurricane category one, and constantly changing the forecasts due to its erroneous trajectory.

He touched down in Jalisco, joined the Pacific Ocean again, “parked” on the coasts of the peninsula of Baja California Sur, took strength from the remnants of “Mario” and what had not been predicted happened, he headed towards the Mar de Cortés taking a course that was not foreseen.

Fortunately the effects were not as intense as they had been predicted, and for today it has stopped being a risk and the last warning about this system was issued by the Service

Source: linea directa

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