Mazatlan authorities ask you to avoid taking trash out when it rains


If the collection truck has not passed through the street where you live and it has already started to rain, it is best to keep the garbage in your home to prevent the wind or rain from dragging it and causing sewer plugging.

The garbage collection service has not stopped despite the forecast of rains due to the effects of the tropical storm “Lorena”, however, it is possible that rainfall and strong winds are recorded before the units finish traveling their routes, Luis reported Antonio González Olague, Director of Municipal Public Services.

Ideally, people retain the waste at home and take it out when they hear that the units are already nearby, he added. Preferably, the bags containing the trash should be closed and tied.

Because rains are expected due to the tropical storm "Lorena", authorities ask the population not to take the garbage to the street
If rains. Do not take your trash to the street. Photo: They are Beaches.

The same call was made by the Municipal Civil Protection coordinator, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, since the waste that reaches the sewers, canals, streams and other tributaries obstructs the free passage of water and helps floods to level up.

Under these conditions, garbage is also a risk factor for the physical integrity and assets of people.

Damage to public health and the environment

In addition there is a risk to public health, because after the rains, many of the organic wastes that are dragged and scattered enter a process of decomposition and generate foci of infection, Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo, director of Ecology and Municipal Environment said separately.

For that reason, he said, the work team of that unit toured the Villa Verde subdivision on Thursday morning to ask families not to take out their garbage bags in case it started to rain before the collection truck arrived .

The garbage of the public road reaches the sea. Photo: They are Beaches.

On the other hand, garbage that ends up on public roads is very likely to reach the sea, especially plastics.

These are the reasons why citizens are asked to avoid taking out their garbage when the weather is bad, or when they hear that the collection units are approaching.

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