Mazatlan family business suffers a devastating fire, the cycling community helps rebuild it.


The publication of the Kelly family circulates in social networks, that when suffering its family business dedicated to maintenance and assembly of bicycles, the cycling community is in solidarity and supports in the reconstruction of this.

That is the message on the official Facebook page:

On Saturday, September 14 will be remembered forever for the Kelly Magaña Family, it is amazing how in a blink of an eye the work of a lifetime of Fernando Kellys Bike Shop, Lucia Magaña, and the whole family goes away, since this It has always been a family business, more than 25 years, high, low but always trying to give the best service to each and every person that comes through the door of our store.

People who really know the güerito Kelly know that he loves his job and enjoys it like nobody else, I have never met someone who likes what he does so much, that even on Sundays he is in his workshop accommodating him, cleaning him, assembling bicycles and never You’ll see bad while you’re there, in your store, at home.

And my mother always by his side supporting him since he began his dream of having a bicycle shop more than 25 years ago.

Imagine the great pain of seeing all that lost because of a fire .. yesterday everything seemed the end, we cried, we got angry, we hated and we found no solution to anything.
After seeing and receiving so much support from the cycling community today we know that we can get up, improved and renewed for all our clients and friends, infinite thanks to all who have sent messages, calls, food, helping hands, brooms, mops, etc. .. we really appreciate everything they do for us and we will always carry them in their hearts, they say that there is no harm that for good does not come and as always to get up without looking back, all forward  # kellysbikeshop 

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