Critical hours for “Hurricane Lorena” as it could enter the Gulf of California


Heavy rains of more than 200 mm are expected for the southern center of Sinaloa

The following hours are critical to determining whether Hurricane “Lorena” enters or not into the Gulf of California waters, said specialist Juan Espinosa Luna.

The doctor in applied geophysics said that because the low pressure to the south of the state that generated Thursday’s storm in most of Sinaloa, with an emphasis on Central and South, had a suction effect of “Lorena” towards the Gulf Of California.

At the moment the hurricane category one borders one of the shores of the peninsula of Baja California and soon it will be defined if it is again pulled by the waters of the Pacific or an entrance is given towards the Gulf of California.

“They are critical hours to see if it enters the Gulf or leaves it towards the Pacific. Of all the forecasts this was the least possible, but at the moment it is being given, ”said the specialist.

Espinosa Luna indicated that only with the “Lorena” cloud bands, heavy rains are expected for Sinaloa of up to 200 mm in the course of the afternoon.

“At the moment it would generate abundant rains of up to 200 mm towards the south-center that leaves only with bands, but if it enters it will leave much more,” he added.

Source: conagua, proteccion civil

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