Confirm cases of Cholera outbreak in Escuinapa Sinaloa


The state health authorities began implementing preventive measures for the population to take extreme precautions

Escuinapa .- Inhabitants of the Ejido La Campana expressed concern when registering an outbreak of cholera because they fear its spread. Personnel of the Health Jurisdiction Number 6 assured that it is a non-aggressive virus and that the work of blocking the spread of this disease has already been done.

Zeferino Pompa Quintero, liaison of Jurisdiction Number 6 of Mazatlan, confirmed that a case of cholera was detected in the Ejido de La Campana, but that it is one that does not represent a great risk to the population, since it is not a very aggressive virus, like traditional cholera.  

Low risk

He specified that for more than 10 years that a case of cholera has not been registered in Escuinapa, but in reality, diarrhea is produced by a host of bacteria. Among these are those of the cholera virus, but there are many types that are not aggressive and their complications vary.

“There are several types of cholera. This case that was presented in the Ejido de La Campana, is a case of gastroenteritis. It was possible to isolate the cholera virus, the non-toxigenic 01. It does not have the same virulence, the same severity as common cholera, which is extremely contagious, ”Pompa Quintero explained.

He mentioned that if this case had not been treated by the health area, if there had been a risk of contagion to the population, therefore the necessary actions were taken to cauterize the disease in this community.

“The person who was detected with cholera is under treatment. A block was made, more similar cases of the disease were searched, fortunately no more cases have been registered, it was unique, and all actions are being taken to prevent its spread, because in the end, they are diarrhea cases, ”he explained the doctor  

He urged the population to maximize their hygiene measures by performing proper handwashing, when preparing food, washing and disinfecting fruits and vegetables. 

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