There is a lot of potential in Sinaloa says Marcus Dantus CEO of Startup Mexico


He made an investment of more than 500 thousand pesos in the Sinaloan Hackademy Academy

In order to bet on a serious project, the founder and CEO of Startup Mexico, Marcus Dantus, made an investment of more than 500 thousand pesos in the Sinaloense Hackademy Academy.

The ecosystem shark, as it is also known, said that it is very important to bet on entrepreneurship in Sinaloa, since there is a lot of potential and Hackademy is an example of this.

“I was very surprised that this academy does not charge young people for giving them a very good course, Hackademy’s business is when a good professional is forged and enters an important corporate. Everyone benefits, both the young student, the corporate and finally the company. ”

Hackademy is an Academy that has two years of history, currently operates in Sinaloa, Sonora and Guanajuato, and its goal is to provide a free training of 14 weeks for young people studying Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Electronics, and Mechatronics, with the purpose of preparing university students to carry out their profession.

15 Mexican Tech Startups 

Mexican tech professionals aren’t letting socio-economic challenges and a slowdown in the local job market keep them down. A wave of new entrepreneurs and pioneering millennials have taken the reins to steer the nation towards a brighter future, create job opportunities for themselves and others.

From influence marketing platforms to eco-friendly scooter rentals, here are 15 Mexican startups that you should know about 2017 and beyond.

15. Econduce


Mexico City is notorious for its gruesome traffic—it can take hours to get to downtown during rush hour. This startup’s eco-friendly scooter rental service brings joy back to the streets again, while at the same time reducing pollution levels.

14. Aliada


Don’t have the time for cleaning? Aliada’s online booking platform for cleaning services allows users to find the right cleaning professional with just a few clicks/swipes. The offering is accessible via mobile as well as on the desktop.

13. Lavadero


Like Aliada, Lavadero aims to make troublesome chores history—in this case, by offering door-to-door laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing services. After orders are placed online, a service professional is sent to collect users’ clothes; they are returned cleaned and fresh within  24 hours.

12. Voxfeed


Influencer marketing should be an integral part of any campaign that strives to go viral. Voxfeed’s platform allows marketers to connect with influencers to create original content; participants earn money for each campaign successfully completed, in turn helping brands achieve their marketing goals.

11. Capptu


Good at taking pictures and need to earn some extra income? Capptu’s online photography community and platform allow buddy photographers to upload their photographs and get paid for their work.

10. Carmatch


Carmatch is an auto buying/selling platform that streamlines vehicle sales—sellers simple take their car to an inspection centers where an expert will submit an appraisal; payments are then processed in just one hour.

9. Linio


Referred to by many as the “The Amazon of Latin America,” Linio has become one of the most successful ecommerce platforms in LATAM. The website offers a myriad of products—electronics, apparel, home, watches , and more.

8. Zaveapp


If you struggle managing your paychecks and are not sure where all your money is being spent, Zaveapp might be able to help. The app enables users to save money by helping them setting reachable goals and tracking their expenses for smarter money management.

7. Kueski


Kueski is an online lending company that offers micro-loan decisions in less than 30 minutes, without the traditional paperwork. The company offers loans in the amount of $1,000 to $2,000, directly wired to user’s account upon approval.

6. Kubo Financiero


Kubo financiero’s goal is to provide new companies with the funding needed to grow and be more competitive. The platform connects lenders with borrowers, providing loans between $400 and $4,100 to boost the initial stage of business operations.

5. Cuponzote


Cuponzote is an online events platform that provides users with the best exclusive deals on a variety of items: restaurants, movie tickets, clothing, and more. The startup has been featured in El Universal, CNN, El Norte, Reforma, to name a few.

4. 99 Minutos


99 Minutos provides online businesses and e-commerce stores with shipping/logistics to deliver to customers in 99 minutes or less. Online store owners can easily sign up with the service online—once registered, both clients and business owners can track packages in real-time.

3. Petsy


Petsy is an ecommerce store that features unique products for animal lovers and their furry friends. The website offers food, accessories, medicine, and shampoos for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and more—delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep.

2. Sin Delantal.Mx


Forget about dealing with traffic and wasting valuable time trying to get a table at a restaurant—this startup offers a convenient app for ordering food from a myriad of restaurants, for delivery to the home or office. The service covers all major cities across Mexico.

1. Rappi 


Rappi is an e-commerce platform that partners with a variety of restaurants and stores to deliver anything and everything to the customer’s doorstep: medicine, a bite to eat, alcoholic beverages, and more. The company also maintains a presence in Chile, Argentina, and Perú.

These are just a few of the promising startups that are transforming Mexico into a land of opportunity for digital entrepreneurs. Be sure to keep them on you radar in 2017 and beyond.

Source: adnportal, techflier

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