If you do not want to fall into potholes on the road, change your route says public works director


San Luis Potosí, SLP.- The director of Public Works Marco Uribe Ávila, said that if a driver who has fallen three times in the same pothole, I would change my route so that I would not be a victim again.

“I am going to give you an example, a person tells me I have passed three times and I have struck the tire three times, then change course, right? Or drive more slowly, right? ”

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He affirmed that it is an indefensible issue, so I invite citizens to drive with greater prevention, as well as to go out leave early “I would invite citizens to be empathic with the problem that this city has had for many years, to drive With precaution”.

Uribe Ávila added that only three complaints have arrived at the Public Works Department, for motorists who damaged their car from a pothole in municipal arteries.

Source: agenciadenoticiasslp

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