Two storms reach 100% cyclonic development in the Pacific


One is located south of Guerrero and another in Jalisco

Two low-pressure systems reached 100 percent potential to become the new cyclones of the season in the next few hours.

South of the Guerrero coasts Low-pressure zone now with 100% probability for cyclonic development in 48 hours, will cause heavy rains in southern and southeastern Mexico.

At the moment it is located 425 km south of Acapulco, Gro., And 385 km southwest of Punta Maldonado, Gro.

ts displacement is west-northwest, parallel to the coast, with sustained winds of 40 km / h and gusts of 50 km / h.

The cloudiness associated with its circulation causes heavy rains in southern and southeastern Mexico, therefore, it is recommended to exercise extreme caution to the general population in the areas of the states mentioned by rain, wind, and waves (including sea navigation) and attend the recommendations issued by the authorities of the National Civil Protection System, in each entity

To the southwest of the coast of Jalisco, a low pressure zone now with a 100% probability of cyclonic development in 48 hours and 5 days.

It is currently 1,015 km south-southwest of Perula Beach, Jalisco, and maintains west-northwest displacement.

Maintains sustained winds of 40 km / h and gusts of 50 km / h. It does not represent risk for Mexican coasts.

Source: conagua

The Mazatlan Post