Mayor affirms a national holiday of 11 continuous hours in the municipality of El Fuerte


From 07:00 in the afternoon of Sunday, September 15 and until 06:00 in the morning of Monday 16, visitors to whom I reiterate the invitation will enjoy live music and various activities

El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- The municipal president of El Fuerte Nubia Ramos Carbajal reiterated the invitation to the population to attend the party of the shout of independence, which she said will remain 11 hours consecutively in the esplanade and surroundings of the municipal palace .

The mayor said it will be a 100 percent family party, for which a strategic security operation has been arranged.

“We have everything ready for the shout that we are very happy, so we invite all the people who see us through their media, on social networks, to visit the Fort will be a party that will start from 07:00 in the afternoon until 06:00 in the morning the next day, you can come with your family, we ensure a healthy environment, a very familiar environment that does not worry about the issues of insecurity, everything is therefore with the operations very well designed to make it happen. ”

It should be remembered that the independence party in the municipality of El fuerte will be entertaining Los Nuevos Llaneros, Alex Ramírez, and Los Hermanos Cota.

Source: linea directa

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