Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) discover some gourmet oils are fakes


They will initiate several processes against various brands that lie about the real ingredient with which the products are made

Various brands of edible oil even when they claim to be sesame, avocado, avocado and olive, among others they are actually safflower, according to a study by the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) .

Its owner, Ricardo Sheffield, explained that they will initiate several proceedings against various brands that lie about the real ingredient with which the edible oil was made , that is, they will be asked to take the product off the market and determine if the fine is appropriate.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, he explained that all of this was part of a study that they did in Profeco’s laboratories and that they published in the Consumer Magazine, where they alert consumers that various brands deceive what is really the type of Ingredient of oils.

According to the study, “products that are not authentic, that is, are adulterated” with safflower oil are: San Lucas de Grape; those of avocado from the Cate de mi corazon brands, Avocare, San Lucas; those of sesame seeds Kaporo, Foreway Sesame Expert and Kumchum.

In other words, the previous brands “are not pure, because they contain other types of oils, so they will be asked to correct the labeling and do not deceive the consumer public,” as explained in the Consumer Magazine.

Source: el universal, informador

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