AMLO threatens to disappear institutional powers to build Saint Lucia airport


AMLO calls him “finding the way”, but in a fascist government it is called imposing by force against the law of the governed, a dictator’s decision, which not even despots like Lázaro Cárdenas, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, Luis Echeverría or José López Portillo, they would have dared.

The excuse will be to decree an event of national security in the case of the airport planned by him and by his partners, to impose the State of Siege and go through the arch of triumph against judicial resolutions.

Imposing the strength of the Federal Government to build the Santa Lucia airport over the judicial mandates that keep the work suspended was a clear and coup threat of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“At the time I will make it known, at the time we will go to the state’s power to safeguard the national interest. That is the only thing I can say, ”Claudio X said and blamed the businessman for being behind the bankruptcy of Amparo lawsuits brought by more than a hundred people.

The only way in which López Obrador can pass over a mandate of the Supreme Court of Justice is by de facto disappearing the judiciary and having his majority in the Congress of the Union to impose a State of Siege.

The conductor of the Fourth Transformation said that if the construction of Dos Bocas was stopped, because of environmentalists lawsuits that consider refinery project ecocide, he would do the same: Impose force.

Already in 2004 he unleashed a definitive suspension of a trial of Amparo against his Government in what is now Mexico City and this resulted in that in 2005 he was out of control and forced to resign as Head of Government of the Federal District.

It is worth remembering that Saint Lucia would be meter by meter and flight by flight, the most expensive airport in the world, which at a cost of 260 billion pesos, at minimum, could only operate one runway at the same time.

Saint Lucia is an airport with little chance of improving the air traffic capacity of Mexico City and its Metropolitan Area, and with less than 20 percent chance of recovering the investment, that is, one day, this is money thrown away to satisfy a presidential whim.

A very expensive whim because to build it, the construction of the New Mexico City Airport had to be canceled, which was already one third of the way, a work where the Mexican State had already invested 60 billion pesos, which is due to add more than 100 billion pesos of compensation and 100 billion more to build Saint Lucia.

López is a president who does not accept recommendations from the National Human Rights Commission, does not accept criticism from businessmen, who one day promises to open energy to private investment and the next day prevents them.

He announced, for example, that he will not accept the recommendation of the CNDH, to reimburse childcare subsidies, because his stubbornness that cash should be given, even if he is not able to pay and has caused many childcare centers they will close, for him, it is his way only.

“The performance of the CNDH is unfortunate … We are not going to accept a recommendation,” he said, and blamed the Commission for the fire and death of 43 infants at the ABC Nursery, in Hermosillo, case, by the way, whose investigation attracted the Supreme Court of Justice and was in charge of Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero.


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