Mazatlan tour guides prepare for cruise ship season


According to the Mazatlan API itinerary, for October there will be 17 arrivals, 14 in November and 19 in December

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. At the end of September, the high season of arrival of cruises in the Mexican Riviera begins; announced the president of the Association of Drivers Guides Tourists “Rafael Buelna”, Melesio Omar Quintero.

He said that on September 29, Princess Cruises arrives, with which the season opens, where there will be weeks with two and three ships simultaneously with up to 15 thousand visitors a day.

In the low season, only Carnival Splendor is arriving in Mazatlan, on a weekly arrival with an average of 4,700 passengers and crew, but we are already a few days before the strong period begins, September 29 is the first arrival of the ship Princess and with this, you welcome the season.

 The leader of the Tourist Guides Drivers

Melesio Quintero said that 136 arrivals are expected for this year, against 96 arrivals in 2018, which means a considerable increase, and they expect it to continue increasing in the coming years.

According to the itinerary of the Integral Port Administration of Mazatlan, for October 17 arrivals are expected with three consecutive weeks with two cruises, October 14 and December with 19 arrivals, with one week with two daily arrivals and others with three daily.

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Days are coming with two cruises and in December weeks are coming with arrivals of three cruises, the city of tourists will be full, that is, with 15,000 tourists in one day, and for that, we are already preparing 

The leader of the Drivers Guides Tourists

The leader of the Tourist Guides Drivers, admitted that, in this low season of cruise arrival, international visitors who are getting off are spending little, due to the situation in the United States.

They come cautious, there is not as much spillage as there was before, with this in the policy that is happening in the United States they are not sure of making so much expense, anyway, they are traveling 

The leader of the Chauffeurs Tourist Guides


September 29 comes Princess Cruises, with which the season opened.

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