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After social media uproar, hunting operation on the Yucatan peninsula claims to be fully licensed

complaint on social networks that went viral shows how a foreign group exhibits photos of dead animals on a  hunting tour that occurs in the Yucatan Peninsula. Therefore, the group that organizes these activities published its position.

Photo: Twitter @Tonamitli

The tour group has been in operation for 7 years.Photo: Twitter @Tonamitli

They reported that all certifications are offered to their customers.Photo: Twitter @Tonamitli

After being displayed on social networks by users who published their faces and photos of animals hunted as trophies, the Tankab Outfitters group sent a message on their networks where they condemned the comments against them.

Many times when we ignore a subject, we let ourselves be carried away only by the images and the feelings that they cause us, but we must give ourselves the opportunity to know the truth and not badly inform ourselves by false or yellowish news ”, Grupo Tankab Outfitters.

This is how Tours group operates

In an extensive letter, the organizing group of the hunting tours indicated that they operate with the ejidos that have the largest forest reserves in the state of Campeche and offer their clients all legal permits to operate in Mexico.

We have these certificates for the export of hunting trophies to the countries of origin of our clients, so we are not only regulated by federal agencies, but also international. We work directly with the ejidos that have the largest forest reserves in the state of Campeche, with more than 65,000 hectares and where, for many years, Sustainable Management and Use Units (UMAS) have been operated ”.

Is it a legal group or not

According to the page,  Tankab Outfitters has all the permits to operate in Mexico.

The activity we do is completely legal and is strictly regulated by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). ”

According to the group, its activity is regulated by the  General Law of Wildlife, which establishes the times and species that can be used in each state within its Management and Sustainable Use Units, called UMAS by its initials. They also highlight that, according to the Federal Office of Environmental Protection, the hunted species: 

They can take advantage of healthy populations and none is in NOM-059 of SEMARNAT, so none is in danger of extinction. ”

They defend themselves in networks

Tankab Outfitters said that he has never infringed a law in the 7 years he has been in operation and that they have never hunted protected species. They also pointed out, they have helped prevent poaching and clandestine logging.

We finance wildlife monitoring with trap cameras, surveillance against poaching and clandestine logging, fire prevention and various training programs for good forestry, agricultural and livestock practices in the ejidos where we work to take care of local fauna and flora, especially to protected species such as the jaguar, the tapir, the king buzzard, to name a few. ”

Finally, they pointed out that they will proceed legally “against those who are responsible for defamation, damages and prejudices” for having been displayed on social networks and some media that resumed the news.

Here you can read the full letter of the page that offers the Tours

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