Sinaloa records the highest economic growth in the country


Although there are other points where Sinaloa is in red, economic growth put it first nationally

Sinaloa .- According to information published by Mexico, how are we doing? Sinaloa was the only state in the Mexican Republic that had a growth above 4.5% (target percentage of the organization).

Nuevo León and Yucatan obtained second and third place respectively, while Sonora was the state that did not increase and neither reduced its economic growth. On the other hand, Tabasco and Zacatecas were the last and penultimate place on the list with a decrease of 10.9% and 4.1%.

Sinaloa’s economic growth was 6.1% the highest and only one that exceeded the target percentage.

However, by detailing a little in the figures that Mexico offers, how are we doing ?, we can see that our state is in red in three categories; General formal accumulated jobs, Productivity, and Government Occupation.

It is detected that there was a 0.9% increase in informal jobs in the state, and that public debt was also reduced from 1.7% to 1.5%.

Finally, a remarkable fact is that the percentage of labor poverty increased from 26.3% to 28.5%, when the goal is “to reduce the percentage of the population that cannot acquire a food basket with their labor income”.

We continue working to bring the state to a better place, we are not finished but it is a pleasure to see that we are doing well

They were the words that Quirino Ordaz Coppel , governor of Sinaloa wrote when retweeting the map where Sinaloa is seen in green.

Source: el debate

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