Mexico on fire under AMLO


The thousands of dead are stacked; The President proclaims that the people are “happy, happy, happy.” Extortions skyrocket, affecting large businesses as well as small ones; López Obrador says the country is going well. The economy slows to the brink of recession; the President celebrates that the negative record was not reached, a triumph over the stressful people of the disaster. Job creation collapses; He says his government pays for thousands of ninis to work. The investment collapses because of its decisions; AMLO proclaims with the chant that it is imperative that it increases. Massively dismiss doctors and cut health services; He argues that more doctors are needed and that universities are very demanding.

The huachicoleros defeat him, cornered by an inept strategy that led to a brutal shortage and dozens of deaths in Tlahuelilpan; proclaims, victorious, that the problem has ceased to exist. He got tired of offering a de facto amnesty during his long campaign to criminal groups (and corrupt politicians), it should not be surprising that he gave them incentives to act with greater impunity, apart from fighting each other over territories and routes. He offered his presence as a strategy and cannot believe that it failed.

Because López Obrador is a politician like very few: a demagogue who not only deceives the voter (of those there are many) but, most seriously, himself. The inhabitant of the National Palace is not a cynic who laughs at the credulity of those who supported him, but a messianic who is the first believer in his own prophecies. That certainty explains his poise before the cameras, presenting his most recent fantasy without hesitation. In the face of major national problems, he always has a blunt, simple, quick and wrong solution at his lips, being the first to believe his lie. Almost four decades of phrases and common places against neoliberalism feed their inexhaustible repertoire of easy answers. Their solutions have all the depth of a small puddle.

The result is a country that falls apart while the President lives a parallel reality that he paints every day with serenity. The flames, in his eyes, are the light that illuminates the path of the fourth transformation. The problems, when you can no longer avoid them no matter how much you try, are remnants of the past, inheritances from previous administrations or the product of the fifteen conservatives who want to sabotage your project. Again and again the melody: they should apologize because they criticize today’s straw, but before they did not see the beam of corruption in other governments. He does not see the dead, sick, unemployed or migrants (those who choose to flee the country before what happens) that cause their actions.

The Romans believed that Emperor Nero was quietly playing the lyre while contemplating in the distance a city to which the flames consumed, happy because he would rebuild Rome to his liking. AMLO is destroying the country, arguing that it ends corruption, while surrounding itself with corrupt trials and its own programs already suppress pus. The destruction of institutions, the dismissal of so many officials, the cancellation of programs, all under the argument that it attacks the rot of the detested neoliberalism. But that bright future that it offers is just a Guajiro dream. The collapse too, he believes, later rebuild from the ashes.

Sergio Negrete Cárdenas
Professor – Researcher at the ITESO Business School. 
Bachelor of Economics (ITAM) and Communication (UNAM). 
Master’s and Doctorate in Economics (Essex). 
He worked at the IMF.

Source: el financiero

The Mazatlan Post