Have you tried the delicious Japanese cheesecake from Mazatlan


* It’s super spongy 
* You will love its flavor

When she lost her job, María Isabel Salazar, with the help of her daughters, decided to do something to support her family’s expenses. Through the internet, they found the Japanese Cheesecake and decided to recreate it, as it was something new for Mazatlan.

After several unsuccessful attempts, they managed to perfectly create the delicious Japanese cake.

“We started watching a recipe from the Internet, we stubbornly because it did not come out at first but little by little we polished it and adapted it to the Sinaloa palate,” he described.

María Isabel commented that she has been making cakes for five months and revealed that the key to making this cake is to do it with love and a lot of attitude.

“We started with a stove and made one cake at a time, my boyfriend brought his stove and so we acquired five conventional stoves to make our cakes.”

Now this unusual sponge cheesecake has become popular in Mazatlan, with one or two orders a day, they have become up to 25 orders.

“It is something we did not expect, we really appreciate the acceptance many people have come from Culiacán, Torreón and even Los Angeles.”

After the initial article, the public has responded with orders and now Maria finally has her industrial oven

* From 20 daily cakes now 80 
* Says feeling very blessed by God

A little more than a week ago, the video that Sinaloa Online made to María Isabel Salazar on the preparation of the Japanese cheesecake also known as the cloud cake caused a sensation.

There are already hundreds of people who have come together to enjoy the curious cake, from orders of 20 to people who come from other states exclusively to buy one.

María Isabel Salazar, the creator of this delicious treat, tells us how her life gave a great change since her cake was popularized.

“The demand increased 400 percent to what I normally sold, it was really an adaptation process, we were not prepared but we tried to live up to everything, it has been really very rewarding,” he said.

The fact that she baked in six conventional stoves caused total fury, now María Isabel Salazar already has an industrial oven, which will allow her to meet the high demand for cakes.

“Between my brother-in-law, my sister and my brother they pulled their savings and they helped me buy my toy, I’m going to be able to meet the demand requested by the client, we have baked up to 80 cakes, with the oven taking out accounts they will be baking an average of 24 cakes in an hour, I don’t want anyone to run out of cake, ”he said.

María Isabel comments that she feels blessed with the acceptance of the Sinaloense public.

“I finally have my oven! It is incredible, Thank you very much to Sinaloa Online, hopefully, continue to live up to the Sinaloa palate, filling the expectations of all people,” he added.

There has been so much public acceptance that María Isabel has chosen to implement new products to her menu, such as the “Delipeper”, a rich cheese-based cake with flan up.

“A Delipeper is an impossible cake, half Japanese cheesecake, and Neapolitan flan, we are working on new products, new things, banana pie and custards,” she said.

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