Sinaloa mango production in Rosario, down to 20 percent


President of the AARB points out that the rains are very beneficial, not only for the mango sector, but also for horticulture, livestock, and fishing

El Rosario, Sinaloa.- Mango production in Rosario during this season fell by up to 20 percent, said Alfredo Llamas García, president of the Baluarte River Farmers Association (AARB).

“Production was reduced, last year was also less, due to lack of moisture, lack of water; Last year they took 132 tons, now 90 to 95 tons, it went down, I think, up to 20 percent, ”he said.

Regarding the rains that have occurred in recent days in Rosario, Llamas García said they have left many benefits, not only for the mango sector but also for horticulturists, ranchers, and fishermen.

“The rains have been very good, a little late it came to us, but very well, it was a benefit, the Keith varieties still grabbed size, because it rained them, the other varieties did not grab because there was no rain, much benefit, enough,” he said. .

He stressed that this season the price was maintained, offering the kilogram in 3 pesos with 50 cents, and up to 4 pesos per kilo of mango Keith variety, noting that, with the rains, this variety improves its size, “grab” more weight and leave more capital to the producer.

“We closed, because the price was regular, the good thing is that it always remained; For now, the rain is going to work because the soil grabs its moisture and benefits plants, horticulturists, beans, corn, farmers in the sowing of food, even benefits fishing, is very good, very good the rain, ”he said.

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