Winter will be an excellent season for tourism and visiting snowbirds to Mazatlan


* Interview with Pérez Barros Sinaloa Tourism Secretary

* Cruise ship visits increase 38%


The manager of the hotel agency spoke of the best months of the year that are already around the corner the start of the winter season.

The businessman stressed that the seasonality changed a few years ago, where there were only two seasons, winter and summer.

“Now we have practically weekends seasonality, which makes a more dynamic economy for the port.”

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Mazatlan will have a very good winter in terms of tourism because foreigners, mainly Americans and Canadians, are booking with time, and international flights have increased. I think there will be an 8 percent increase over the previous year, said State Tourism Secretary Oscar Pérez Barros in the interview.

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After attending a press conference on the national boxing championship with the intention of integrating the team in this sport for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the state official said that the season is going well and we have the necessary infrastructure in tourism.

Pérez Barros said that the cruise ship arrivals also increase from 90 to just over 140, with a growth of 38 percent. We continue to work and will come, now, “regional cruises across the Pacific; It is a good attraction. ”

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