Rains in Sinaloa effect shrimp aquaculture 50 tons lost


The current destroyed concrete works and farm borders located in San Ignacio

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The rains recorded last Monday in the south of the state, strongly affected aquaculture in the San Ignacio area, as floods swept 50 tons of shrimp.

The president of the Sinaloa Shrimp Product System in Sinaloa, Silviano López Nájera, explained that the Veterans Cooperative was affected by the heavy rainfall that destroyed the borderlands, as well as the concrete works of the El 29 estuary, located at kilometer 37 of the Culiacán-Mazatlan highway.

He said that the damage recorded by low pressure in the Sea of ​​Cortez that left heavy rains and winds, caused a total loss in the 88 hectares of that farm since the strong current took everything.

The Veterans Cooperative of the Mexican Revolution was severely affected by weather conditions in this part of the state of the southern region of Sinaloa, leaving a total loss

Silviano López

López Nájera said that according to the information of the partners, the current took both the infrastructure and borders of the farm and about 50 tons of shrimp of 9 grams.

He requested that the government of the State include the municipality of San Ignacio in the Fonden, to face this hard blow because only in this farm were thousands of pesos in economic losses, and with the difficult situation facing the sector the problem becomes more complicated

The force of the current destroyed the infrastructure of the shrimp farm. 

He added that this situation was also presented to Conapesca officials, to determine the support scheme that could be implemented, as it is a social and economic contingency.

For Mexico, the shrimp industry is fundamental in its trade balance. In 2018 alone, foreign sales of this product totaled $ 452 million, according to official sources. And it represents a central element for the economic development of the country.

Sinaloa and Sonora stand out as the largest shrimp development entities in captivity, with 140 thousand tons produced in 2018.

The demand for shrimp postlarva in the state starts from the month of March, once the producers have already prepared and filled the ponds. These needs reach 2,790 million post-larvae in a first cycle for an area of ​​32,550 hectares during the months of March to May. For a second cycle, the demand amounts to 1,040 million post-larvae for an area of ​​13,200 hectares.


  • 50 tons of shrimp on a farm in San Ignacio was lost by rain.
  • 88 hectares of the farm resulted in a total loss.
  • 452 million dollars left shrimp aquaculture in Mexico in 2018.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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