Mexican National Guard will have a base in Jocotepec Lake Chapala


The land chosen to house the GN base, which will operate in 23 municipalities in the region, will be located 700 meters from the GDL-Morelia cart

More than 260 elements will make up the GN troop that will be established in Jocotepec.

Miguel Cerna. – The site where the National Guard (GN) will establish its base of operations will be located near the Guadalajara-Morelia highway, at the Potrerillos cruise; According to the Municipal Government, construction will be carried out before the end of the year.

The land of one hectare is located on the right side of the road, in the direction of the municipal capital, 700 meters inside the road that leads to the hill, whose cost will be 700 thousand pesos and will be covered by the municipality of Jocotepec.

Because the area has a water and electricity well, the authorization cost will be minimal, since the government will only have to pay for the installation of 15 light poles and the circulation of the land; in addition to facilitating the use of the machinery module for the construction of the base, informed the Municipal President, José Miguel Gómez López.

“Army engineers are already visiting us, they tell me that before the end of the year it has to be built and we will support them with the whole machinery module, we will fix the road, we will fix roads, we will accommodate everything there ; Right now we are arranging the papers with the ejido to recognize that place, so that we can donate it to the Federal Government, ”he said in an interview.

Currently, the elements of the GN -which arrived on July 2-, are based in the event hall called “Casino Arias”, located in the southwest of the municipal seat, and are still in the process of enabling the space.

It was precisely on August 14 that Gómez López announced the donation of 100 mattresses, additional to the 40 they had, as well as the next arrival of more than 130 berths that will cover the demand of around 260 troops that make up the troop .

Jocotepec will be the base of operations of the GN that will have a presence in 23 municipalities such as Chapala, Mazamitla, Zapotlanejo, Tlaquepaque, and Tonalá, which together form the priority region number eight.

Lack of communication between GN and Municipal Police

In order to establish joint strategies to reduce the crime rate in the municipality, the Municipal President, José Miguel Gómez López announced that in the coming days he will meet Cesáreo Juventino Rojas Popoca, Commander Inspector of 41 National Guard Battalion (GN) .

A little more than a month and a half from the entry into force of the new security corporation, Gómez López considered that communication lines between the GN and the Municipal Public Security Unit have been lacking.

“It has been missing, because the National Guard comes to support and assist, but not to make us the work and that of us is preventive, we also do not get into their area, so somehow they felt like well, each one brings their function , but I think they do have to be well coordinated for anything, ”he said.

In addition, the presence of the elements of the GN has been reduced due to the fact that the corporation does not yet receive the units in which they will travel to carry out their security tasks, for which they requested the citizens to lend or donate vehicles so that They can patrol, because at the moment they do it on foot.

“Yes there is presence, but they have not been able to have the effectiveness that we require here in Jocotepec because they do not have units yet, they have very few vehicles, because the federal government has not yet endowed them with all that is required, once we give them we go to be much better, ”he said.

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