The presence of scorpions detected in Mazatlan schools


At least 23 schools of basic education in the municipality have been fumigated before returning to school.

Mazatlan, Sin.- At least 23 schools of basic education in the periphery have been fumigated for registering the presence of scorpions , which at this time of year leave their burrows .

El jefe de Vectores y Zoonosis, Víctor Arredondo Rojas, informó que la fumigación ha sido a petición de los mismos directivos de las escuelas, que se han acercado a la Jurisdicción Sanitaria Número 6.

We have received very good participation from the directors of preschool, primary and secondary schools, who have asked us to spray them

Victor Arredondo

After the detection of scorpions, he said, they were given the task of summoning parents to do an intense cleaning, which is before and after the fumigation.

Víctor Arredondo Rojas, head of the Vectors and Zoonoses area of ​​the Sanitary Jurisdiction Number 6. Photo: José Luis Rodríguez

The insecticides that apply against these animals, he said, is a barrier that has the purpose of not approaching the interior of the classrooms of educational schools.

Among the schools where they have found the presence of scorpions, he said, are those located in the November 20 colonies, Infonavit Playas, Villa Galaxia and Centro.

Arredondo Rojas said that the insects they have detected are not of high danger or of medical importance, although they do not stop carrying poison, which makes them unreliable.

Vectors and Zoonosis. Photo: José Luis Rodríguez.


In the operation against scorpions in schools six people participate in the departments of studies of scorpions and fumigation of vectors and zoonoses.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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