Basic Food Prices Increase in Mexico


In Nuevo León alone, the lemon recorded an increase of 140 percent, followed by Jalisco, Hidalgo, and Guanajuato, with 100 percent.

The National Alliance of Small Merchants (ANPEC), through its monitoring of prices for basic basket products, announced that there has been a considerable increase in the prices of essential products, highlighting the increase in products such as the lemon up to 140 percent in Nuevo León.

In the corresponding monitoring from July 15 to August 15, ANPEC explained that the most important increase in this product was in the entity; Jalisco, Hidalgo, and Guanajuato followed, with a 100 percent increase; the City of Mexico, with 94 percent and the State of Mexico, with 86 percent.

In Nuevo León also highlighted the rise in the price of detergent. Although it was only 8.52 percent (from 23 to 29 pesos), ANPEC rated it as one of the products with the greatest variation.

Other products in the basic basket such as tomatoes and orange have also registered significant increases in their prices: in Hidalgo, it was 78 percent in the case of tomato, and 92 percent in Guanajuato in the case of orange.

This, said Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of ANPEC, adds to the complicated economic situation that Mexican households are currently experiencing.

“To talk about an economic slowdown is to talk about the high cost of life in Mexico , a circumstance that marks an impoverishment of purchasing power; without losing sight of the fact that family expenses not only include the acquisition of food, but also those of housing, transportation, health, education, and clothing, among others, so that the need for a new salary increase that comes to strengthen the purchasing power of families.

“INEGI has stated that in recent months it has lost purchasing power over the previous year, so it is urgent to recover the quality of life lost to Mexicans,” he said.

He insisted that the economic and commercial dependence with the United States puts Mexico at the mercy of the result that the neighboring country has with China. If the United States loses, Mexico would suffer serious consequences.

So he asked to draw up new growth strategies and new business alliances that allow for more development options.

Source: milenio

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