The 1st Jaiba Festival in Angostura Sinaloa a success


Angostura, Sinaloa .- The first Festival of the Jaiba developed last weekend at the La Reforma fishing field, Angostura exceeded expectations, with the attendance of around 2,000 people and generating good economic benefits for the various establishments commercial.

Eduardo Bojórquez Montoya, Director of Economic Development at the City Council, says that due to the resounding success obtained, the municipal authorities, headed by Mayor Aglaeé Montoya Martínez, already analyze the possibility that the second edition will take place next year, well thanks to this event the name of Angostura rang throughout the state and other parts of the Mexican Republic.

“Most of the restaurants did very well, they had a lot of people, since the day of the event they increased their sales by up to 100 percent. The truth, the economic spill that generated the Festival of the Jaiba was good, more because this project is the first occasion that is carried out in the municipality and the results obtained were very satisfactory.

I consider that the merchants were very happy for what happened because they sold much more than it is a normal day, I would even dare to say that they doubled their profits, but this was possible thanks to the assistance of the large number of tourists who gathered in the beach.

We were able to observe that there were people from all over the Évora region, from Culiacán and other municipalities that are betting on bringing visitors to Angostura to enjoy the wonders we have in the bay.

To everyone’s satisfaction, the restaurant workers exhibited their gastronomic show with different dishes made of crab meat, but there were also many other things to taste.

The party was round because there was also live music, where both young and old had a great time since the Jaiba Festival ended until the wee hours of the morning and everyone was very acclimated. This has already emerged, and next year, God willing, we will surely have much more influx of visitors, because we should not settle, but we have to think big, that merchants achieve better sales and that Angostura is consolidated as a tourist municipality, ”says Eduardo Bojórquez.

Source: el debate

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