Lisa Lankins will attend to tourist and expats at the new Mazatlan Culture Information Module


The dynamic and always empathic Mazatleca-American will offer information to tourists in the Information Module that the Institute of Culture of Mazatlan has opened

  • It is located in the facilities of Sectur Sinaloa and Contiguo of CAPTA

Without a doubt, good news for tourists, particularly foreigners and members of the foreign community-based in Mazatlan, in particular for those residing in the northern part of Mazatlan.

But it is also for national and local tourism since as of Monday the Institute of Culture, Tourism, and Art of Mazatlan has a new information office located next to the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center, in the Sectur Sinaloa building.

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The head of the institute, Marsol Quiñónez Castro, director of the Institute of Culture in this regard said:

“We are very happy and we are inviting all our visitors to get to know this new attention module attended by Lisa Lankins, she is part of the Culture team, and will be giving information about the events of the 2019 Mazatlan Cultural Festival that will take place from 31 August to December 31 of this year. ”

Given this, we decided to visit the always friendly Lisa, in her brand new informative module, who told us that the opening of this module was a great initiative of the director of the Institute since the information requirements of tourists and especially Foreigners is constant. In that sense, the translator also assured that all those who wish to obtain information about the events scheduled by Mazatlan culture can obtain it there. She even revealed that even tickets for shows can be requested at the same place.


We emphasize that this module is strategically located since on one side of the same CAPTA operates the agency that provides advice and support to tourists who under any circumstances suffer from an eventuality. In the same way, there are the facilities of the State Tourism Secretariat, which in our opinion a very complete tourist support circuit was formed.

At the moment, Lisa is already at the forefront of it and as is her custom, in hours she will operate as efficiently as possible.

So that you have no doubts about this module and the services it provides, we decided to interview Lisa, who in Spanish and English informed us about the details of it. So we suggest you listen to the video very well.

Congratulations Lisa


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