Copala Sinaloa is promoted as a rural sports destination


Over the weekend, dozens of bikers participated in the Copala-Presa Los Herreros cycle route

Concordia.-  With the presence of bikers from all over the state, the Copala-Presa de los Herreros 2019 cycle route began.

The coordination of this event was in charge of the MTB Pacific Mountain Cycling Club, in coordination with the municipal government, headed by the municipal sports owner, Carlos Bernal, with the purpose of promoting this sport in the area, taking advantage of the tourist attraction that the environment offers, and above all, to promote economic activity in the area.

The promotion

This event attracted hundreds of tourists from neighboring cities, who enjoyed the natural and gastronomic attractions that the municipality offers.

A considerable economic spill was reported in the businesses established in the header.


“These types of events will always be welcome in the municipality because the economic spill is very good, and what better way to promote the towns that unfortunately have forgotten over time,” said community merchants.

The senior officer, Víctor Manuel Díaz, thanked the organizers of the Pacific MTB event for the promotion this generates to the municipality and it is expected that this event will be stronger and more and more visitors and competitors will come to the municipality.

Díaz attended on behalf of the mayor, Felipe Garzón López, and together with the undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Preparation of the state, Sylvia Ruiz Coppel, inaugurated the first edition of this cycling route in the community of Copala, where this competition started.

The relevance

Because of its picturesque atmosphere and its history as one of the richest minerals in the country, Copala is one of the first rural destinations of Sinaloa and its economic recovery is one of the priorities of the municipal government. 

There is a proposal to connect the picturesque mining town with the Mazatlan-Durango highway to give it the possibility of being visited by tourists from nearby states.

Source: el debate

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