Sinaloa lives the best summer season ever


This is how the vacation secretary described the Secretary of Tourism in the state

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- As the best summer season, the secretary of Tourism in the state, Óscar Pérez Barros has qualified the state of Sinaloa, for meeting expectations in hotel occupancy, economic benefits, and air and land connections, who said that at July closing reached 84.5 percent occupancy.

The head of the Sectur informed that the economic benefit has been of 4,500 million pesos in Mazatlan until July, so they will be aware of what the total will be for July and August.

“It’s going to be a summer as you have seen and exploded with visitors, the best summer ever, the summer season ends on August 25 and we will wait because August rises a little more. We are waiting to spend the million tourists throughout the state, obviously we have to wait. ”

Pérez Barros said that next week he will be meeting with all the airlines that have a connection to the port, to see which are the destinations that are most interested in hotel associations and, likewise, see how the flights generated in Culiacán are going and Los Mochis

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He mentioned that the case of the Interjet airline, which had problems with its flights nationwide, did not cause damages in the port of Mazatlan when there was a delay, it transferred passengers on other airlines.

“No, it did not affect, it did not affect, obviously because of the delay and the discomfort that is given to the tourist but they are internal questions of interjet, that by the same saturation; and we must remember that the destination has more tourists, and we do have more flights but you always have to work and find more seats. ”

He added that this situation had already happened last year, so the port tries to organize for the benefit of visitors, so that it does not affect or affect as little as possible the visit to this tourist center of the country.

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