Mazatlan switches to LED public lighting


MAZATLAN.- The City Council of Mazatlan is already seeing the exchange of old public lighting lamps for new LED lamps, and there is the idea of ​​installing a photovoltaic field that generates energy to the Municipality.

All of the above was said by Luis Antonio González Olague, director of municipal public services, local media reports.

It is feasible to change the lighting system to LED lamps throughout Mazatlan, urban and rural areas, he said.

The project is already on the table, it is already analyzed, and it would give the municipal government significant savings, he added.

The plan is to renovate 33 thousand luminaries throughout the municipality, change the traditional ones for LEDs (which are energy saving), he confirmed.

The technical project is already reviewed, González Olague said.

Only the resources to get to work on the change would be lacking, he added.

If switching to LED lamps, the main benefit would be that the City Council would save money by paying less electricity, he insisted.

On creating a photovoltaic field that generates its own energy to the municipality of Mazatlan, González Olague commented that the idea is already in place, and if it was carried out, that would also help the Commune to save money, it would stop paying the Federal Electricity Commission about 6 million pesos per month, which is currently paid.

Source: pmxportal

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