Mexico transit police can now retain cars with traffic violations


Police now have a bank terminal, an industrial printer and a mobile device with Android technology, Almaraz noted

With the new technology to apply road violations tickets, Transit police agents will be able to confiscate the car from traffic violators who accumulate a second fine and do not pay at the moment, said Traffic Director Sergio Almaraz.

As of last week, the officers began using a new platform to apply the fines, through which they can immediately settle with a credit or debit card.

Agents have a bank terminal, an industrial printer and a mobile device with Android technology, Almaraz noted.

“Currently a Transit police officer does not know who is behind that wheel regarding his condition of debts with the city, a large part of the culture of legality is that the citizen knows that the institution is aware of what he is doing as a driver” , he mentioned.

He said that previously when a driver committed a violation, the license plates, the circulation card or the driver’s license were removed, and if he did not pay the fine he could continue to circulate without one or more of those documents, until the time came that he did not bring anything and the car towed.

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Almaraz explained that with the new equipment, at the time of applying a fine the agent will be able to know if that citizen already had another infraction and has not paid it, if it is the case, the system will ask him to retain the vehicle or pay the debts

“In the process of capturing the name or the plates, the system will identify; you are facing a debtor of another infraction, retain the vehicle or generate the payment at that time so he can continue on his way, ”said Almaraz.

He said that with the new technology the information captured in the equipment will be transmitted to a database, and can be monitored through a window in real-time. He affirmed that in this way the police controls can know what the officer has done during his service day, where he is, if he is moving or static, how long he has been detained somewhere and if he has delayed with the elaboration of an infraction.

“It allows a series of records that I call artificial intelligence, which systems do not allow us today,” he said.

For the moment this new technology is being tested an implemented in Juarez Chihuahua Mexico


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