Profepa in Mazatlan records a total of 36 dead turtles


Several factors are what cause the death of these species, among which are fishing instruments 

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – So far this year, the Federal Office of Environmental Protection maintains a record of 36 dead turtles, the specimens were found dead in several parts of the beaches of Mazatlan and Rosario, including the Camacho Green Beach to Las Garzas. 

The Golfina species (Lepidochelys olivácea) predominates in the death record, with the highest death record.

The work

The department is working on the issue and it is estimated that at the end of August they will start an operation, where the Federal Office of Environmental Protection will join forces with the Secretary of the Navy, National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (Conapesca), in addition to the possible participation of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp), so that together they implement the program of environmental vigilantes for the conservation of the sea turtle.

For now, logistics is almost ready, and once the review is over, they will begin with the review of boats and taking coordinated tours on the issue of the rescue of wildlife specimens.

Damage to a copy has criminal consequences, warns Beatriz Violeta, in charge of Profepa Sinaloa.

Mazatlan Aquarium supports dependence with the protection and recovery of these species. Only last month a Golfina turtle was rescued, which was found with fishing instruments in the neck, in which it recorded serious injuries. However, the paramunicipal still keeps it in a shelter and under medications with a stable state.


In May, 38 shells of Golfinas turtles were located in the community of Isla de la Piedra, in the mangrove area in front of the fishing piers.

In this regard, Profepa filed a criminal complaint, which is still pending and sought by someone responsible.

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