Mazatlan propose to improve the pumping of pipelines that are below sea level to prevent flooding


The Public Works Department described the water pumping system as expensive, however, given the lack of attention to the pumping sump, it must be carried out in three rainwater pipelines to prevent flooding

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Director of Municipal Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, reported that in Mazatlan there are three rainwater pipelines to vent rainwater in case of flooding, however, all three cases present problems either due to garbage or lack of maintenance.

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“We have three types of pluvial ducts, we have open ducts such as coated or natural channels, we have pipelines that operate by gravity, by pure slope to vent the water like the Roosevelt collector and another behind the Hacienda Hotel, which its main problem is that they are covered by garbage, and the third case of pipelines is with pumping sump, which is not removed by gravity but by pumping, as is the case that is by Quijote Inn, where pumps are installed to throw rainwater to the sea ”, he detailed.

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In the case of the third water conductor, Garay Velázquez said a restructuring of the pumping system must be done.

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“What is urgent for us is to keep the carcass clean because it makes the pumping operation difficult, and also to keep the pump in good maintenance, and the common thing about this system is that it has three pumps, we have only one, and it is very old, and Our idea is to propose to the president a program to equip the pumping sump to attend faster; it’s expensive, no investments have been made in a long time. ”

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-How many pump systems are there in Mazatlan ?, he was questioned

“There are three, there is one in the Quijote Inn, there is another where State DIF is and the other escapes me,” he said.

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