In Sinaloa rural tourism is not abandoned, there is clear activity


The head of the tourism agency in the state, said that recreational activities in this summer vacation period are more than notorious with local and national visitors

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Rural tourism in southern Sinaloa as in the rest of the entity is not abandoned at all, and less in this summer vacation period, proof of this is how a significant number of visitors register, said Oscar Pérez Barros.


The state secretary of Tourism said that all the points of reference, entertainment, and recreation from Ahome to Escuinapa, without neglecting the mountain area are taken care of and supported to strengthen the activity.

“Why abandoned, we have been working very hand in hand, and I am going to tell you specifically Concordia, six months ago it was something else, we got to work with them, they formed a tourist committee, and you see what happened, at the festival cultural cuisine in Concordia ”.

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Pérez Barros stressed that the demand in rural and mountain villages has been noticeable, hence nobody can complain that they lack attention.

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“It can’t be that they don’t see all the tourism that is moving rural in El Quelite, in Copala right now the remodeling is being done, in Rosario, in Las Glorias, in Altata, in Guamúchil with the biggest taco in the world.”


Tourism in Sinaloa at the end of this holiday period will have exceeded the presence of more than one million people who toured, met or enjoyed the benefits of the entity.

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